The Korgis - Live in London

Subterania, 12 Acklam Road, Portobello, W10 5QZ London

“Change your heart, look around you. Change your heart, it will astound you”. Welcome to THE KORGIS featuring original frontman James Warren!

‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’ was a massive worldwide hit, and ‘If I Had You’ is often cited as a favourite love song of all time. Add to that the George Martin produced album ‘The Man With the Bowler Hat’ by Stackridge, of which James was a founder member, and it becomes clear that the fanbase for The Korgis is huge.

James and the band have worked hard at creating a show that is both musically superb and visually stunning. Backing vocal group, ‘Born To Win’ bring a vibrant energy to the show, and James’ meticulous attention to musical detail has elicited comments such as ‘flawless musicianship’, and ‘breath-taking musicality’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, lovers of exquisite pop that can break your heart and lift your spirit, welcome to The Korgis. Yes, “I could change the world, if I had you; if I had you”…