"James Warren is one of the great British songwriters. Following in the footsteps of Lennon & McCartney, Ray Davies and Jeff Lynne, his sense of melody mixed with a quirky eccentricity marks him as unique. 

No surprise that he was a founder member of Stackridge - one of the most eclectic and underrated British group of the past 40 years. Then with The Korgis, James had a string of hits, but standing out as one of the great songs of all time was 'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime' "

Read all about James' fascinating career...


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Jim's Blog

Jim's BLOG June 2018 

We just played a fantastic James Warren And Friends gig at The Stables, Wavendon. It couldn't have gone better! 

Technically our show was fiendishly complex and the possibilities for unforeseen glitches and general blundering were very high indeed.

First we had our dearly beloved Born To Win doing their own 20 minute set with their own equipment which then had to cleared to make way for all our stuff; then the overworked Al Steele, having just played guitar for Ava, Jay and Emmy, had to synchronise all…

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JIM's BLOG March 2018 

Al Steele organised a terrific show at The Globe in Cardiff last Sunday night (4 March).

This was to celebrate the re-release of his album "Coming Up From Down Under" and featured Al himself of course plus our dear friends Born To Win and many others. I travelled down with John Baker, Glenn Tommey and old mate Anthony Bond, our chauffeur for the evening. It was bloody freezing in the club and I'd been taking pills to deal with a stomach upset but the entertainment more than made up for it. Al was…

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'Symphopop' in Nancy, France 

Just returned from a terrific 6 day sojourn in France - two nights in Paris followed by four nights in Nancy,  90 minutes by TGV train from the capital. 

I’d been invited by a dear friend of mine, Jerôme Didelot of French band Orwell, to participate in an amazing concert he’d organised featuring a local orchestra + 6 vocalists, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums celebrating the collaboration of classical players and pop musicians since the 1960s. 

It was a really interesting and varied programme featuring…

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Live! in Wales. Twice. 

I’d love to see you on either (or both!) of these gigs...

Sunday 4 March at The Globe in Cardiff (details here)

Friday 23 March at The Hyst in Swansea (details to follow...)

The Globe gig features Al Steele performing his excellent album COMING uP fROM DOWN UNDER' at his LIVE, LOUD AND UNLEASHED show, with myself, John Baker and 'Born To Win' doing a few Innocent Bystander tracks.

The Hyst in Swansea will be a “singer-songwriter” evening with yours truly singing a selection of tunes from all periods of…

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Ooo La La! 

The last week of January I’ll be going to Nancy, a lovely town about 170 miles north-east of Paris at the invitation of my French musician friend Jerôme Didelot. 

Jerôme has organised a symposium and concert called “Symphopop” all about the way classical music and pop have combined since the 1960s. I’ll be taking part in the symposium, being asked questions in French which I’ll then answer in English, and later singing at the evening concert backed by an orchestra. There’ll be about 6 other vocalists…

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